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Rogerio Sobreira Composer

Rogerio Sobreira

Rogerio Sobreira is Brazilian Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and researcher with a masters degree in Music (Universidade Federal de Goiás). Notable credits include the Cuban film "El Útlimo País" (2017), directed by Gretel Marín, that premiered at the Malaga Film Festival in Spain. He also is a frequent collaborator with composer Fabio Góes composing additional music and orchestrating featured films such as "Monica and Friends - Bonds" (2019), directed by Daniel Rezende was the first live-action comic book adaptation to acclaimed "Monica and Friends", Argentinian film "No Soy Tu Mami (2019), Amazon Prime Original series "All or Nothing: Brazil National Team" (2020), Netflix Original Film "Double Dad" (2021) and Monica and Friends - Lições(2021). He also has collaborated with audio production company Mdois on the series "Queima Mufa" (2020) and several Esports competitions that include: Brazilian LOL Championship, LATAM Rainbow Six Siege Championship, Wild Rift, and Amazon Prime's Brazilian version of "Last One Laughing" (2021).

Fernando Cañedo Composer

Fernando Cañedo

Fernando Cañedo is a composer, sound designer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist, founder of Data Estelar Estúdios (since 2005).
He is renowned for his work developed for animated series with over 300 episodes released since 2015. He has participated in projects shown on various television, web, and streaming services such as Cartoon Network, HBO Max, Comedy Central, Youtube, Paramount Plus, Netflix, TNT, Globo Play, Futura, Gloob, Canal Brasil, as well as in global festival circuits. As a music producer, he provided services for renowned advertising producers. He was a finalist twice in a row (2018/2019) at the Berlin International Sound Design Competition and in 2021, he was honored with the "RIMA Awards" in the category of "Best Original Soundtrack" for the music composed for the award-winning Portuguese-Brazilian drama “A Margem" and in 2023, he won the 'Best Sound Awards' category at the international 'Top Indie Film Awards' for the animated short film 'Dream Eaters.' He has a real passion for the musical and audiovisual creation process, the technology involved and the art of storytelling. He considers the act of exploring, recording, blending and manipulating timbres, resonances and textures a twin achievement in modalities such as painting and handicraft.


Vinicius Cavalcante

Vinicius Cavalcante

Vinicius Cavalcante Meireles is a guitarist, composer and music producer. He has already worked as a musician and sound designer in various Game Jam events and was one of the composers of the soundtrack for the mobile game "O Conto de Ada". Currently, he studies in the Escola de Música e Artes Cênicas (EMAC) at the Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG) for a bachelor's degree in classical guitar.​

Maria Otero Composer

Maria Otero

Born in Joinville, Maria Eugênia is a pianist and composer. He began his studies at the age of eight at the Villa-Lobos Music School with classical guitar and at fifteen with the piano. In 2018, he entered the University of Vale do Itajaí, where he attended a bachelor's degree in piano.
That same year, she hosted the international pianists Valentina Lisitsa and Michael Andreas in the organization of the I Pianíssimo de Joinville. Just as in 2019 it hosted Gilson Peranzzetta, Leandro Braga, Hércules Gomes, Kabé Pinheiro, Rafael Abdalla, Tom Worrel and Luciano Leães at the II Pianístico de Joinville. And in 2020 she hosted Jeff Gardner, Michael Pipoquinha and Carlos Bala at the III Pianístico de Joinville. In 2020, he released his first single “Marina” on all digital platforms. At the end of the same year, he debuted his graduation recital in LIVE format with five pieces of authorship. In 2021, she presented her article on the invisibility of women composers of soundtracks. In the same year, he began his private studies in composition with the renowned pianist and composer Jeff Gardner, where he continues to this day.

Camila Cruz

Camila Cruz

Camila Cruz is an audio and video editor. She works as an assistant in audio post-production, specializing in dialogue treatment, sound editing, sound effects, and foley. She has a degree in web design but mainly works in the audiovisual market. She is credited in both national and international productions.

She is also co-founding member of Palheta Musical, a project developed by women that addresses various topics within the music industry, aiming to reduce the marginalization of female voices in this field.

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Urutu was not born alone: we have distinguished professionals who bring a diversified and attentive look to every detail. In gratitude to our demo writers, beta testers and partners, we would like to dedicate this space to name their names and give an honorable greeting to their support and dedication.

Demos and Beta Testers

Fernando Moura
Danilo Aguiar
Fabio Goes
Fabio Stamato
Victor Hugo
Rafael Vicol

João Gabriel Gulman
João Paulo Alves
Felipe Ayres
Wagner Monaco
Thommaz Kauffmann
Renan Franzen


Tai Fonseca - Logo and Brand Design
Augusto Zimiani and Vitor Mercez - Website and Online Store

Adriano Regino - User Interface

Producer Pomar - Digital Management

Jonas Munhoz - Video Teaser
Renato Fernandes - Motion Teaser
Camila Cruz - Social Media
Marcela Canedo - Photography
Augusto Cruz - Legal Advice

Arlam Jr - Ex Member

Franklly Thallyson - Ex Member

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