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Delivery policy

Urutu Audio libraries are exclusively digital, and their download is managed by Pulse Downloader. Once your purchase is approved, you will receive an automatic email with your redemption key and download link to the Pulse Downloader app.

Exchange, Return and Refund Policy

If the customer receives the serial from any Urutu Audio library, due to the digital nature of our products, the customer should be aware that we do not offer refunds on purchase. We also do not provide demo versions of our libraries. Therefore, we strive to, before purchase, provide the customer with as much information as possible about the libraries with videos, audios and tutorials on the use of the product. By making a purchase on the website, the customer agrees to our non-refund policy.

Customer service

All service is done via e-mail through the address

Privacy and Security

The management of browsing cookies, your purchase and contact details are managed by the Wix and Pulse Downloader sales platform. Urutu Audio uses this data to enable the online sale and download of the product, not sharing such data with anyone else. It is not allowed to illegally distribute or resell the Urutu Audio instruments. It is not allowed to manipulate or reuse any samples from Urutu Audio instruments to create new libraries.

Payment methods

- PLEASE READ - If you are a non-Brazilian customer please choose the PayPal method of payment. Mercado Pago is an exclusive platform that will ask for Brazilian documents to confirm your purchase. 
After the purchase is completed you will get a confirmation email from our website that contains a button named "Fazer download" please ignore it and wait for an email from Pulse Downloader containing your serial number.

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